Thanks for your interest in Valley View. It has been my sincere pleasure to pastor this church for the almost eight years now.  

I was speaking with someone recently and I mentioned I love what I do. Then they asked me, what do you love about it. As I thought about their question, I thought, what do I love about Valley View.

- I love that there is a culture here at Valley View that says there is always room for others in our church and we don’t care who you are or what your background is, we want you to know your welcome here.

- I love that if you walk in on any Sunday morning, you will see people dressed in everything from shorts and a t-shirt to someone in a suit and tie. But better than that, they guy in the shorts and t-shirt is just as respected as the guy in the suit and tie. I love that that we don’t major in the minors.  

- But most of all I love that we are a church that is busy sharing the love of Christ with our neighbors, families, co-workers, and others . As a result we regularly see people giving their hearts to Christ in our church and having their lives radically transformed.  

Several years ago as I was training for ministry, my pastor gave me some great advice. He told me to always remember to love people and preach Jesus. That has always been my philosophy in ministry and is the philosophy of Valley View. As we share Christ with people we want to do it because we love people and want them to know the splendor of knowing Christ as their savior.

Mark and Debbie Testroet

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